Blame Takes your Power

So many people like to blame the problems in their life on other people.  This is the most toxic thing to do as a human being.  As soon as you assign blame and leave others responsible for problems in your life.  You become helpless to fix on the situation and give your power to others.  Rage is the most toxic side of the blame game.  It kills your energy.  It kills your respect and it kills those that love and especially those that have hurt you that need your forgiveness.  Many times their is blame,  people do make mistakes but staying there,  living there does not wallowing in blame kills the spirit and your ability to find joy.

Taking responsibility for your role in things is the way to find your power,  it builds momentum for growth in your life and ultimately finding joy again.  Its hard, especially after you have been wronged and the worst the wrong them harder it is.  .  .  but someone died for all of our sins and forgave us and gave us back our power and he wanted you to take it and do something amazing with your life.

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