Cute Chickens

Today my five year old said “Chickens are cute.” She said that they are soft when they are babies and she got to hold one. What does this have to do with marketing or sales, you ask?

Well the reason she thinks chickens are the cutest animals in the world goes back to an experience she had when she was four. She got to hold a baby chicken in her hand and that experience made such an impression on her that she talks about them nearly every day, and has determined that she wants to be a veterinarian.

Little things make huge impressions. I learned this is the restaurant business. It was amazing how much a smile and a great greeting could do for a great experience for our guests. We used to say that “great service could make good food great, but average service could make great food average.”

It’s a ‘feeling’ thing. Most of us think we make really reasonable decisions that are based on logic and reason. The reality is most of us think things are great because of some kind of experience we had with a product, service or a thing.

Most of us think “chickens are the cutest animals” in some way. The trick in business is to design those ways into your experience.

Tony Scelzo

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  1. Keiko says:

    William: Not eating food at the state fair? Really? Jeez, I alayws knew you were weird but that’s just out of bounds weird. I’ve not been to the state fair in years, and I can remember only 3 things from that last trip. Of which the best memory by far was of food. Producer: I have to agree with Tony; you’ve not really been to a state fair if that’s your only experience.I kind of wanted to play the flute, but had no aptitude for it. What I did have aptitude for was the trombone and to a much lessor extant the clarinet; since members of my family already played trombone, I decided to take the saxophone (same sort of mouthpiece as the clarinet). I later learned: a) I’ve got a tin-ear b) I didn’t have the patience for practicing an instrument. I got good enough to either blow through the sax properly or to do the fingerwork properly with never being able to do them both at the same time.County fairs, meh. I’ve never been to a county fair that had anything of interest to me.Dresden Files game: My favorite comment about your game was the Producer asking you if Lisa got shot again. *smirk* It rather makes me want to start shooting at her in one of our games.What to read next: Have you read any of the Wild Cards anthologies (edited by GRRM)? These are rather fun superhero stories.BBQ, meh. Though I do, once in a while, like Jimmy Jack’s in Iowa City, specifically their smoked turkey with the cowboy (smokey, sweet) sauce.Iowa cuisine tends to be about subtle, natural flavors (not bland!) rather than highly spiced foods and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.iOS/Android: For such a useless topic, it still seems to have got you talking.I like to think I’m an equal opportunity insulter.It does not sound like William and the Producer are having an affair; but to to be open & transparent I’m on Team Producer. :p

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