Doers, Doubters and Haters

You know there is three kinds of people,  Doers,  the type of people that realize there is a problem and work on it,  Doubters the people that shoot holes in the plan on anything that is being communicated to do,  and haters people the people who so remember the things that were tried and failed and so hold on to that damage that they can’t move on and in fact sabotage the next possible action.

Doubters slow down progress and hurt the possible solution,  Doers keep adjusting till the find a fix and they do leave wakes w/ their failures and their challenges, but Haters are the most toxic types of people to be around because they sit around and wait for the Doers to take action,  they gather doubters to get momentum and they hate on action being taken.  .  .  life for them becomes a contest of being right,  the problem w/ being right is its not a long term game,  if a hater works to hating and a doer works to doing eventually the doer will change her world to over come the hater and what is the hater left w/ nothing but a path of anger and hate.

Doing is not perfect it has flaws and leaves wakes of doubt,  but hating always leads to no one being happy.  Don’t hate it isn’t worth the way it lessens your soul.



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