Judgement and Religion

So many times I have heard this in business,  he is a good Christian.  She is a good Christian.  Because he or she shows up on every sunday and participates in church.  Maybe they are in a prayer group or even a small group of accountability to the word and I really think this is awesome.  Where it stops becoming awesome, or where people begins to separate itself from the “word” is when people start using the religion and not the word to justify their judgements.  Judging others and assigning them to heaven or hell.  I think this is pretty much the most un – Godly act we can do walking on earth.

I have studied human communication and psychology for ten years.  I can’t say the same about the Bible,  I am working on that,  but I can say with some certainty that is in no way is their a license for us to judge to say who is worthy and not.  We all have made our sins and we all will make more.

This ability or one to be perfect and forgive us all is proof in a one true God.  The ultimate proof in my mind.  Because only the perfect could forgive everyone and commit no sins.

This is where I strive to be,  forgive more,  commit less sins get closer to God.

Seems pretty simple.  .  .


2 Responses to “Judgement and Religion”

  1. “Never trust a business card with a Jesus Fish on it” is one of my favorite pieces of advice from a Mentor…

  2. Patrick McHale says:

    Worst thing we can do as Christians is to “rack and stack”. Judgement is not our responsibility.
    You were once a new Christian; learning to build your relationship in Christ and begin true fellowship.
    Encouragement with truth and love is they key.
    Let your actions show that your yes is a yes and your no is a no.

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