Rainmakers is a business networking organization that provides a platform for Indiana business professionals to be more and serve more. Where are the relationships going to come from to help you grow you business in the next year? We view networking as a chance to find a relationship that will bring you an annuity stream of business rather than a one-time sale. We look for long-term strategic relationships.

Rainmakers is based on the idea of “givers gain”. We are a marketing group. Rather than passively flipping leads, we actively prospect for each other’s companies. By working with other Rainmakers we are able to offer our customers solutions that are larger in scope. We become strategic advisors to our current customers while at the same time picking up additional customers from other Rainmakers.

As you build relationships with other Rainmakers, your network of contacts and potential clients will grow exponentially. The concept of the “Power Circle” demonstrates how these relationships are the road to success. Unlike other networking groups, your power circle is not an artificially assembled entity. You choose the business relationships you wish to pursue. These stronger relationships are both more productive, and more enjoyable.