The Ultimate Sales Force :

· Works for you without management or commissions

· Filters and qualifies prospects

· Will grow your business by 30% a year

· Can be fired or hired without notice or drama

· Is happy to serve and be more effective than any other marketing medium created.

Find out how an hour and a ½ each week can build you a network of 20 people that in one year can generate a 30% increase in business.

Learn how to replicate the Rainmaker story.  I had less than 500 dollars to start my business.  I built a network of 20 service providers and they in turn helped me build a 250,000 dollar consulting business in just one year.

Learn the math of strategic networking with a process and a plan that will grow your business.

98% of small business owners think linearly and don’t understand the patterns of human behavior that create business relationships.

The Ultimate Sales Force is a process that creates the spontaneous as well as organized relationships that drive long term business growth.

The cost of the Ultimate Sales Force experience is $3,000.

For more information please contact Lindsey at lindsey@gorainmakers.com or 317-840-8118.