Toxic Entitlement

Its pervasive is this country,  people think they are owed something.  They are owed happiness, a job,  a relationship, even someone to support them.  They mill throughout their lives miserable and making others miserable because they won’t take responsibility for there own lives.  They live there lives on what they can get out of others or how they can take from the system.

Contribution to society is only thought of from the standpoint how can they contribute from society.  I call this “toxic entitlement” and is pervasive today amongst our society.
Whether is the basketball players or sports athletes who think they can get away w/ crimes or times of failed judgement or it is the women who try to trap them in relationships by getting pregnant.
Toxic Entitlement is killing both the people who have it and society in general.
Why?  Their publicity show a reward for trying to trick the system.  .  .  so many others try and steel theirs instead of earn it.
Their victims stop producing as much so people don’t see the net result of what they can truly create.     Here ar the biggest victims,  the people who have toxic entitlement.  They lose the ability to create for themselves.  They become victims to their own belief.  They kill themselves softly, slowly over time and don’t even realize they are dying on the vine.
Its sad really,  they don’t know what they are capable of and for this,  they are only capable of what they can leach off of society.

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