What channel are you broadcasting?

The one that seems to live their life on stage or to be in the lights. They work so hard to make sure everybody is paying attention that they really don’t think about what kind of attention they are generating. They seem to be the one who’s life always seems to have some kind of tragedy or drama going on in it followed by tremendous luck and highs.

We all have these highs and lows. It is just some of us find it necessary to produce and broadcast our life like we are working on being on “Jerry Springer” where some of us seem to live the life of “My Three Son’s”.

What is the difference?

The channel is the difference. If you were a channel, what would your channel be? ESPN? CNN? ReatlyTV?  Think about it. Would it be positive or negative?  Would it be Drama or Comedy?  Would it be about business or family or both with a unique fusion into one?

I know if 10 years of coaching I have had 1000′s of people with 1000′s of channels. Everyone has highs and lows but the people that seem to have the best overall lives seem to tune into the best channel.


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